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Why Obesity is Not a Choice

For today’s posting, I would like to refer readers to a Commentary that appears in today’s Web-Exclusive Section of the Globe and Mail. In this piece I discuss why obesity is anything but a simple matter of lifestyle “choice” and that failure to offer obesity treatments to the same extent that we offer treatments for other chronic diseases is something we can simply not afford.

Given the widespread bias and discrimination against obesity and obese people, I expect a large number of negative and sarcastic comments in response to this piece – perhaps regular readers of this blog will wish to visit the Globe and Mail site to leave their own (hopefully better informed) comments on this issue.

Edmonton, Alberta


  1. Great piece Arya – just read it.

    I suspect if you wanted to you could do a second blog topic on the comments it’s going to generate.


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  2. Great article Doc. just read it. As usual you hit the nail on the head.I also viewed many of the comments from people that just don’t understand. It’s not there fault.Any comment whether it be positive or negative is food for thought. I forward your e-mails to people around the world that are interested in what you have to say.
    Keep up your good work Dr.Sharma,
    you are making a difference
    Pierre for the THEE QUEST team of Pierre & Pierrette

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  3. Dr. Sharma,
    Overall, that was an excellent article.
    I know you didn’t have much space, but I would have loved to see you include the concept that not all obesity needs to be treated.
    There was a long, two part comment in response to the article that I think does reflect one of the causes of obesity (not by far the only one), adverse childhood experiences. I think the research done on the lasting damage done by adverse childhood experiences shows that lifelong treatment is necessary to mitigate some of this damage. An obese person may never become a non-obese person, but can be far healthier than a person who is alienated from the health care system due to stigma and ineffective, harmful treatments.
    Thank you for your compassionate approach.

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  4. Interesting article. Pity about the graphic.

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  5. I wanted to read the article, but couldn’t because you have to be a subscriber to “Globe Plus” for more money than I want to pay.

    Is there any way you could publish it on your blog?

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