Diabetics in most need of bariatric surgery, university study finds

Ottawa Citizen: “Encouraging more men to consider bariatric surgery is also important, since it’s the best treatment and can stop diabetic patients from needing insulin, said Dr. Arya Sharma, chair in obesity research and management at the University of Alberta.”

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Patients find obese doctors less credible

The StarPhoenix: “It’s no easier for a doctor to control their weight than anyone else,” Dr Sharma added. “But studies show that if you talk about genetics and the complex psychobiology (of weight control), people’s weight biases go down.”

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Battling fat with fat: Ottawa scientists turn muscle cells into calorie-burning brown fat

Dr. Arya Sharma, scientific director of the Canadian Obesity Network, says the finding “improves our understanding about the biology of brown fat, and brown fat is a tissue that is of great interest when it comes to obesity.”

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Green coffee bean extract: Does it really help you lose weight?

“Clearly there’s nothing magical about it,” said Dr. Arya Sharma, a professor of medicine and chair of obesity research and management at the University of Alberta.

Calories poorly grasped for maintaining weight

“Ultimately calories are the currency of weight management,” Sharma said. “If you don’t know how many calories you’re eating, you don’t know what your body’s doing with the calories, you don’t know where the calories are going. That’s like trying to manage your bank account without knowing how much money you make or how much money things cost.”

Not enough sleep? Why you may be getting fatter and sicker

Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough sleep consume extra calories, often in the form of unhealthy snacks, says Arya Sharma