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Weekend Roundup, December 16, 2010

As not everyone may have a chance during the week to read every post, here’s a roundup of last week’s posts in order of popularity:

Have a great Sunday! (or what’s left of it)

Edmonton, Alberta

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  1. I am a large man but it was the first time I was called Obese since I was a child on the play ground. Actually the term the doctors used was Morbidly Obese I have been called it thrice in the last 8 months. By my neurologist and radiologist and GP. Is this bias or discrimatory. The word morbid showing strong interest in unpleasant or gloomy subjects such as death, or relating to or resulting in illness. Obese meaning extremely or unhealthily fat or overweight or a better way of describing it would be Clinically Overweight does that not sound better than he’s morbidly obese to me it sounds more professional coming from medical professionals. I think calling this health problem and the people they call Obese is similar to the stop smoking campaign scare tactics.
    This problem needs to be pushed at birth thru public school and then high school to our children.
    Is this bias or discrimatory that no MRIs for Clinically Overweight in Ontario can’t just go out of province or out of country to have one Are we not entitled to world class healthcare. Just today Saturday I was pulling into a handicap/disabled parking spot in Orleans the guy bangs with hand on the back of my SUV yells that this parking space is for cripples, I reached inside and show him my parking pass for disability parking I got a bit angry and called him a moron that it is not a cripples spot but a wheelchair/ Disabled spot he called me a fat pig and walked away quickly into the store. I showed calm and planned ignoring by not taking it to the next level. How that for discrimination or bias attitude towards the clinically overweight. I would rather solve the problem, putting our heads in the sand doesn’t get it done or shifting the blame to some else.
    Sincerely yours,
    Alan Moffat

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