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University of Alberta Obesity Research Report

University of Alberta Obesity Research Report

University of Alberta Obesity Research Report

Since joining the University of Alberta in September of 2007 as Chair in Obesity Research and Management, I continue to be amazed by the breadth of obesity research happening at this institution. Over the past year, my chair has tried to pull together and summarize the extraordinary range of obesity-related research ongoing right here in Edmonton.

The results are impressive: currently more than 50 University of Alberta faculty hold funding for obesity-related projects – themes range from cell biology to city building.

The report, “Giving a Face to Obesity Research”, estimates that University of Alberta researchers currently hold around $35 Million in funding for obesity-related projects – impressive by any measure.

In the foreword to the report, which was officially released to the press today, Lorne Babiuk, Vice President of Research, states,

“Researchers and clinicians, in a wide range of disciplines, are exploring new treatments and management strategies for children and adults with excess weight. This publication highlights a few of these researchers whose collective efforts are contributing to solving one of the greatest health problem facing the world today.”

To download a PDF of the report click here.

Edmonton, Alberta


  1. Is Gastric Baloon procedure available in Edmonton or Alberta? I saw an episode of the Doctors TV show feature this procedure and Dr. Sanjeev Kaila from Ontario. I would like to find out more about the possibility of doing this procedure.
    Thank you.

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  2. I was on a weight loss program (supervised by a medical Dr./clinic) in the “Petrolia” area within Edmonton, AB I believe in the mid 70’s. They were injections under the supervision of Dr. Savage (since deceased) and I was lead to believe that this was under a medically approved experimental program. It was very successful but I moved away & the program was not available in my new area. I don’t believe my personal records from that far back would still be available??? Since then I have gained my weight and am wondering a few things:
    1. What were the injections I was receiving or how can I find out?
    2. What were the general results of this experiement or how could I find out?
    3. Could it be that this was what we have been hearing about as “HCG” drops/injections
    (Human Chorionic Gondotropin)?
    4. What are your thoughts regarding the “HCG” drops or injections?
    5. Does the U of A research area have any weight loss programs that I could try as a volunteer?
    I currently live in the Red Deer AB area.
    Thank You for your time and any assistance. Paulette

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