The 4Ms of Obesity Assessment and Management

Regular readers will recall previous posts on the importance of assessing the 4Ms in order to understand the drivers and consequences of obesity and to come up with a realistic, feasible and sustainable management plan.

The 4Ms stand for the domains of Mental, Mechanical, Metabolic and Monetary health of each individual patient.

At the recent National Obesity Summit, I was asked by Paul Boisvert (Laval) to explain the 4Ms. This video is posted here (e-mail subscribers will have to visit to view).

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Edmonton, Alberta

p.s. for more videos and interviews from the Obesity Summit visit the Chaire sur l’obésité channel on YouTube.

Sharma AM (2010). M, M, M & M: a mnemonic for assessing obesity. Obesity reviews : an official journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity, 11 (11), 808-9 PMID: 21182728