The 2020 Canadian Obesity Guidelines for Adults are Coming!

Finally, after about three years of hard work by a panel of over 60 authors (not to mention the incredible staff at Obesity Canada), the 2020 Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines for Obesity Management in Adults will be released in the Canadian Medical Association Journal next week (Aug 4).

This monumental undertaking, that began with extensive literature searches (identifying over 550,000 potentially relevant articles), which was systematically whittled down to about 80 GRADEd recommendations, represents a state-of-the-art evidence and practice informed overview of managing obesity as a complex progressive chronic disease.

Without divulging too much, I can share that the guidelines will cover a broad range of topics from re-defining obesity, to the importance of recognizing weight bias in obesity medicine, to taking a patient-centred approach, where the focus is on improving health and well-being rather than just changing numbers on the scale.

Importantly these guidelines are perhaps unique in the field of obesity, as they include analyses of both quantitative and qualitative research, the latter having often being largely ignored by previous guidelines. In addition, there was ample involvement and representation of the patient voice in the discussion of findings and wording of recommendations.

Targeted at primary care practitioners, the guidelines outline what we know about obesity management but also outlines the often extensive and important gaps in our knowledge.

So please stay tuned, as more information becomes available over the next few days and weeks.

Edmonton, AB