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Thanks to All My Readers For a Great 2011


  1. Dr. Sharma,

    Thank you to you for being a driving force behind discoveries for medicine at the front line with Obesity as your focus.

    I became a CON member when it was just 350 members old and since have read every blog and clicked through the research that you have illuminated. I have been to a few conferences and I am proud to call myself a member of CON. As a “layperson” (not a scientist or professor) I fight obesity one patient at a time through counseling and my patients have benefited greatly from your insights.

    A big news article was recently published in Reuters that Medicare is now paying for weight management counseling in primary care settings. That is a big win and the big Blue Insurance Co’s will follow within years, however not many physicians can counsel in weight management. Many of CON’s material are a wealth of information in this area and you can be a leading force to save many people lives through your dedication to science and your deep compassion for the human condition.

    I look forward to seeing you again in March in Lake Louis and may 2012 keep you healthy.

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  2. Thanks Mavis – CON will certainly play a significant role in provider education – look forward to seeing you in Lake Louise at ISORAM

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  3. You can always tell an expert! Thanks for cnotribtunig.

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