Sifting Through Obesity Research

There is no doubt, obesity research is hot!

With over 100 new obesity publications appearing in the literature every month, it is impossible to keep up.

This is where the Canadian Obesity Network’s OBESITY+ service comes in.

Based on McMaster University’s Health Information Research Unit’s unique secondary peer rating system, OBESITY+ provides access to the current best evidence about the causes, course, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and economics of obesity and its related mental, metabolic and mechanical complications.

Every week, the best evidence relevant for clinical practice in the fields of medicine, nursing, dietetics, and rehabilitation is identified from over 130 premier clinical journals with a focus on or strength in obesity.

All citations are pre-rated for quality by research staff, then rated for clinical relevance and interest by at least 3 members of a worldwide panel of practising health professionals with an interest in obesity.

The service includes a searchable database of the best evidence from the health care literature and features a customizable email alerting system.

Only the best research makes it through the rigorous review process – reducing “noise” by 98%

A related service Pre-OBESITY+ provides a broader overview for researchers – this service is less rigorous about the methodological criteria and therefore also includes studies that may not be ready for prime time, but are nevertheless of interest.

And best of all – both services are absolutely free to subscribers.

Click here to sign up for OBESITY+ (for health professionals)

Click here to sign up for Pre-OBESITY+ (for researchers)