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Self Advocacy Tools For People Living With Obesity

It is no secret that access to evidence-based obesity treatments is difficult for most Canadians living with obesity. This includes both access to knowledgeable multi-disciplinary chronic disease programs with experience in long-term obesity management and coverage for obesity medications.

Because advocacy is most effective when people living with obesity (and their families) themselves get engaged in demanding better access and services, the Canadian Obesity Network has now released fact sheets with guidance for patients seeking to advocate for themselves.

These information sheets are available both in English and French and can be downloaded at the following links:


  1. I am writing to you on behalf of Dietitians of Canada to request the use of copyrighted material for inclusion as a resource in an online subscription service for dietetic professionals. The service, Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition (PEN) has been developed by Dietitians of Canada, the professional association of dietitians within Canada and further info on PEN can be found at This service provides ready access to evidence-based practice guidance, counseling tools and client resources for use by practitioners. Only those materials that have been reviewed by experts in the dietetic profession and evaluated as representing the most current recommendations on the subject are included in PEN.

    The material for which we would like permission to link to is Self Advocacy Tools For People Living With Obesity

    We would like permission to include a web link to this material in the database of resources that will be accessible through the PEN service.

    In addition, this material and/or a web link to this material may be emailed, or printed and mailed to clients of dietitians accessing PEN.

    We understand that you may be very busy and may choose not to reply to such requests. However, we assume that if you have any concerns with us linking to your material as we described above, you would advise us accordingly.

    Full acknowledgement of the source will be provided, as per your specifications. In responding, please advise us of any copyright fee associated with use of the material as described.

    Thank you for considering this request.

    Lindsay Kole, B.Comm

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  2. In regards to the document “How to Access the Benefits you Need”, are there any alternate steps that can be taken if the insurance company that provides my benefits says there is no process for seeking an exception? Would my only option be to convince my HR department to change their plan so that “lifestyle drugs” are covered?

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    • Yes, your best option is to take this up with your employer and HR responsible for your benefit plan.

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