Register Now: Workshop on Obesity and Mental Health, Toronto, June 26-28

Regular readers will be well aware of the important relationship between obesity and mental health.

Not only can excess weight affect self-esteem, body image, eating behaviours and even promote depression and anxiety, the opposite is also true – virtually all mental health problems ranging from depression and attention deficit disorder to PTSD and addictions can promote weight gain or pose important barriers to weight management.

Health practitioners, researchers and policy makers wanting to learn more about Obesity and Mental Health can join the Canadian Obesity Network, the International Association for the Study of Obesity and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health at the upcoming Hot Topic Conference: Obesity & Mental Health, June 26-28, 2012, in Toronto.

More than 20 Canadian and internationally renowned experts from a variety of disciplines will provide participants with a sound understanding of the scientific and methodological issues in obesity and mental illness research and practice.


Build your knowledge and understanding in the areas of:
· Clinical assessment and management of patients with obesity and mental illness.
· Current evidence and best practices in psychological and behavioural interventions.
· Emerging pharmacological treatments for obesity and mental illness.
· The neuropsychobiology of ingestive behaviour and mental health disorders.
· Interdisciplinary obesity research and practice.
· Bias and stigma associated with obesity and mental illness.
· Research priorities in the emerging field of obesity and mental illness.

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Edmonton, Alberta