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Random Post: Bands I Have Seen In Concert

Rock-guitar-playerThis weekend I took completely off work – which includes writing a new post on obesity.

So, I’d like to share with you an (almost complete) list of bands and artists that I have seen in concert.

This list has absolutely nothing to do with obesity but I’d certainly appreciate your comments on what you find the most surprising inclusion (or omission):

38 Special
Ace of Base
Al di Meola
Alanis Morissette
Alice Cooper
B.B. King
Backstreet Boys
Bettina Wegner
Billy Idol
Black Keys
Bon Jovi
Boomtown Rats
Bryan Adams
Bruce Springsteen
Buena Vista Social Club
Chris de Burgh
Chris Isaak
Cliff Richards
Culture Club
Dave Matthews Band
David Bowie
Deep Purple
Dire Straits
Dixie Chicks
Eric Clapton
Eric Johnson
Finger Eleven
George Benson
George Harrison
George Thorogood
Grand Funk Railroad
Green Day
Guns N’ Roses
Herbert Gronemeyer
Iron Maiden
J Geils Band
Jeff Beck
Jeff Healey
Jethro Tull
Joe Cocker
Joe Pass
Joe Satriani
John Mayall
John Mayer
John McLaughlin
Johnny Winter
Justin Timberlake
Kate Bush
Led Zeppelin
Lenny Kravitz
Lynard Skynard
Men at Work
Men Without Hats
Midnight Oil
Mike Oldfield
Moody Blues
Neil Diamond
Paco de Lucia
Paul McCartney
Paul Simon
Pearl Jam
Peter Frampton
Peter Gabriel
Phil Collins
Pink Floyd
Randy Bachman
Ravi Shankar
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ringo Starr
Robbie Williams
Robert Cray
Rod Stewart
Rolling Stones
Roxy Music
Sarah McLachlan
Sheryl Crow
Simply Read
Sophie Milman
Spandau Ballet
Status Quo
Steely Dan
Steve Vai
Ten Years After
Tina Turner
Tracy Chapman
Tragically Hip
Udo Lindenberg
Uriah Heep
Van Halen
Velvet Revolver
Weather Report
Wishbone Ash
ZZ Top

Edmonton, Alberta


  1. Surprising inclusion: Backstreet Boys? Your daughters aren’t old enough that you were accompanying them?

    Omission: Steve Earle

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  2. and I thought my husband and I had seen the most concerts of anyone we knew! Obviously not. . . I am so jealous that you saw Wishbone Ash. . . just listening to them with my son last night.

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  3. I count 129. Hmmm. Alice Cooper to Ravi Shankar to Phil Collins. Would make for an interesting dinner party.

    It occurs to me that you may make some audiologist wealthy.

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  4. Hahaha! As a Spaniard I was surprised (but very pleased) to see Paco de Lucia in your list! Grande! 🙂

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  5. what about Prince??

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  6. How do you remember them all?!
    Which concerts were top 10?

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  7. I love this “random” post! So, you do have a life outside medicine! Impressive list, but noticed Elton John is missing . . .

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  8. Awesome list Arya. If only you had Prince on that list. Some of my favourites Tina Turner, Sting, Tracy Chapman, Eurythmics, Moody Blues…

    Backstreet boys made me laugh- but the I recall you have daughters.

    Spandu Ballet- really?

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    • Yeah, the big gaps that I wish I’d filled are Prince, Metallica, Elton John, Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Michael Jackson, CCR, The Who and probably a few others.

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  9. Boy you have seen quite a collection. Some most excellent bands too! No surprise that a German guy like yourself would be seeing anything to do with the Shankar boys! Must admit I wish I could have attended several of these.

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  10. Wow! I agree- glad to see you have a musical life outside work:) love Robbie Williams. What about Leonard Cohen? Jack Johnson?

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    • Not sure about Cohen – Jack Johnson could be pleasant – still hoping to see Neil Young

      BTW – some of these concerts (e.g. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Genesis, etc.) I either saw for free or for 20 Deutsch Mark! Now you’re looking at a few $100 for a decent ticket.

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  11. Arya, your love of music is obviously what makes you such a humanist with all the compassion needed to bring obesity and its understanding to our doors. Do you play music yourself?

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    • Yup, I spend quite a time on my electric guitars (a 1977 Gibson Les Paul and a 2006 60th Anniversary Edition Fender Stratocaster)

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  12. I see you missed Iggy Pop and John Cale- all hard working guys on tour just like you
    TCB and working overtime!


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  13. I’m thinking that KISS, Eagles and Blue Rodeo may help you to round out this eclectic list 🙂

    Congrats not only on the musical memories but the weekend OFF work!!

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    • KISS is coming to Edmonton later this year, I might have seen Blue Rodeo (can’t remember) – Eagles I would love to have seen.

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    • That’s a tough order – too many great ones, like the first time I saw Jeff Healey as a guest on a concert with BB King – totally unexpected. Then there was Pink Floyd performing the Wall in front of the Berlin Wall that had just fallen (I was on the Berlin wall the night it came down). I saw one of the last Led Zeppelin concerts with Bonham and one of the last Genesis concerts before they split up. I saw Queen before Freddie Mercury passed away. Like I said, too many great memories to list.

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  14. Hi Dr. Sharma
    While we are not on the topic of obesity…..I was wondering if you have tickets to see Jillian Michaels while she is on tour…post Biggest Loser Season?


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  15. Very impressive–you would get along well with my hubby! Did you see Bon Jovi in Edmonton a few days ago? How were they with Phil X?? Omission: The Pretenders

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  16. Omg! You have got to be the funnest and coolest person I wish I knew. I love your music choices–so broad in range. You are a true music lover. I guess I’ll have to visit youtube now. 😀

    🙂 Marion

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  17. very impressive list!! I just kept thinking, wow, obviously you didn’t grow up in Edmonton–we certainly never had those kind of opportunities! : )

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  18. Hi Dr. S…if you could talk Gene Simmons (K.I.S.S.) to be a celebrity ambassador for obesity education, especially in kids, you may be onto something. He is doing more work in Canada…just a thought.

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    • Always hoped Randy Bachman would volunteer as a spokesperson – after all he seems to have really benefitted from his bariatric surgery.

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    • Always hoped Randy Bachman would volunteer as a spokesperson – after all he seems to have really benefited from his bariatric surgery.

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  19. wow, one of the real losses of rural northern living, not being able to enjoy such wonderful talents in live concert, I dont know if you have ever heard Peter Gaberial, My body is a cage..but it is an awesome song, an I think you would truly enjoy it.

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  20. oops, i see him on the list..sorry. he is absolutely a powerful singer, he is on my wish list to see in live concert..

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  21. This is a great list. So many great bands. I am going to echo the comment from above. Prince is an omission. You haven’t seen Prince Arya? A Prince concert is like a religious experience. A true party with thousands of fans. I have seen him multiple times and have never been disappointed. He’s a great guitar player. Also missing Stevie Ray Vaughan (RIP), Jay-Z, Swedish House Mafia, Elton John Trooper and April Wine. 🙂

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  22. Love how eclectic your musical tastes are!

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  23. Although I love your eclectic tastes, I wonder what you think about Joe Bonamassa? What do you think of Brian Setzer’s big band style? If I can make one final suggestion, I think you might like Tommy Emmenuel. I am curious what you think of these three. Thank you for sharing your musical taste with us.

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    • Would love to see Joe Bonamassa in concert – hear he puts on a great live show. don’t know Brian Setzer and Tommy Emmenuel – will have to check them out.

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