ISORAM Day 3: SCOPE, Oral Health, Nutritional Assessment and Management

Day 3 of the 2nd International School on Obesity Research and Management focussed on oral health, dietary assessment and management including presentations by Jean Suvan (London, UK), Katriona Dullea (Galway, Ireland) and Tatjana Schütz (Leipzig). Additional talks included a presentation by Chris Coburn (Toronto) on laparoscopic gastric banding.

Yesterday was also the official launch of IASO’s eLearning modules, which allow health care practitioners to collect points towards IASO’s Specialist Certification in Obesity Professional Education (SCOPE) program. As one of the founding faculty of SCOPE, I am particularly pleased to see that the SCOPE organizers chose my take on the etiological assessment of obesity and management as Module 1 for this eLearning program. I also contributed a chapter on assessing the appropriateness of bariatric surgery for individuals patients.

Canadian members of the Canadian Obesity Network will also be pleased to learn that they are now eligible for significantly discounted fees for SCOPE courses and certification, an important benefit that the Canadian Obesity Network can now offer its members since becoming Canada’s official representative in IASO (non-Canadian CON members, will need to apply through their own national obesity organizations).

I certainly very much appreciate feedback from readers regarding the innovative design and utility of these online modules – as one of the SCOPE faculty, I would certainly like to ensure that the information provided in these modules is of practical utility in improving the evidence-based care of our patients.

A ‘sneak peak’ at these modules is available here.

Incidentally, all participants at ISORAM are eligible for points towards SCOPE certification.

Lake Louise, Alberta