Why Do People Still Think Weight Discrimination is OK?

Not sure, I have an answer to this, but as blogged before, weight discrimination is highly prevalent, cruel and harmful.

No! Blaming people for being overweight does not make them lose those extra pounds – in fact, if anything it contributes to weight gain on top of making them depressive and, in some cases, even suicidal.

As any form of prejudice, weight bias is simply despicable and, no, making fun of people struggling with excess weight is NOT funny!

Rather than write about this myself, I would today like to send my readers to a post by my daughter Linnie, who under the pseudonym Dr. Eye Candy maintains her own blog on body image, self esteem and beauty – her topic today is weight discrimination and focusses on some of the important work done by the folks at Yale University’s Rudd Centre for Food Policy and Obesity.

To read Linnie’s take on weight bias (and to view the fascinating video she posted on this topic) click here.

Edmonton, Alberta