Obesity Network Facebook Page Gets 3000 Likes

facebook_button_eu3gThis weekend the Canadian Obesity Network’s new facebook page received its 3,000th like.

Now this may not seem like much (my personal facebook page has almost 15,000) – but then again, let’s not forget that the Network’s page has only been up since late last year, when the Canadian Obesity Network launched its public engagement strategy.

So why is this remarkable?

Because it takes guts to declare your interest and support in an organisation that has the word “obesity” in its name.

Suddenly, all your ‘friends’ can see your interest in this topic – not trivial given the shame and stigma attached to this disease.

I can hear the taunting from some of your ‘friends’ (even if they would perhaps never say this to your face),

So now that you follow the Canadian Obesity Network, are you going to finally do something about your weight?


Obesity Network? Isn’t that like an “acceptance group” for fat people?

Yes, it takes real guts to “like” the Canadian Obesity Network page on facebook.

But Canadians living with obesity are evidently a brave lot.

Take for example the facebook page of the US Obesity Action Coalition (the closest thing to CON’s engagement strategy in the US) – their 12,000 likes seem a lot more that 3,000.

But let’s not forget that the US  population is 10 times bigger than Canada’s – so that number for the OAC should really be 30,000 to match CON’s 3,000.

This is not bragging about size (I’ll leave that to politicians) – it is about reminding ourselves that few conditions share the stigma and discrimination of obesity and that it is far harder to publicly show your support for an obesity organisation than an organsisation that is saving dogs or kittens.

So kudos to the 3,000 bold Canadians, who have so far “liked” the Obesity Network’s facebook page – hopefully many more will follow your brave example and show their interest and support for the Network.

Edmonton, AB