Join the 5As Community of Practice

Regular readers will be well aware of the 5As of Obesity Management™ tools and resources recently launched by the Canadian Obesity Network.

Since its launch, over 2,000 toolkits have been distributed to practitioners around the country – more orders are pouring in daily.

Everyone interested in the 5As of Obesity Management is now invited to join the 5As Community of Practice on FaceBook.

This is where you can

  • Learn more about how to best use the 5As in your practice
  • Ask questions about the 5As to your colleagues and experts
  • Share your experience and feedback on the 5As
  • Make suggestions regarding additional resources for the 5As
  • Provide your tips and suggestions on how to use the 5As
  • Or simply stop by to say ‘hi’

If you are a patient, who has experienced the use of the 5As, we want to hear from you too!

To join the 5As of Obesity Management Community of Practice click here.

To order your personal 5As Toolkit click here.

Edmonton, Alberta