ISORAM’12: Winter Course in Bariatric Medicine and Surgery

Early this year, as part of the Alberta-Saxony Obesity Research and Training Alliance (ASORTA), we hosted the first International School on Obesity Research and Management (ISORAM).

This event was attended by over 50 faculty and trainees from Alberta and Germany.

In a follow-up to this immensely successful event, we are now planning ISORAM ’12, which will be held from March 25-30, 2012, at the Chateau Lake Louise, in Alberta, Canada.

This time the focus will be on all aspects of metabolic and bariatric research as well as medical and surgical management of patients with severe obesity.

The course is open to all health professionals from around the world, who would like to hone their expertise in bariatric medicine and metabolic surgery.

The program, which will offer more than 40 hrs of teaching and interactive workshops, will also include ample time for informal networking and scientific exchange with the international faculty in the unique picturesque surroundings of one of Canada’s premier ski resorts.

Specifically, ISORAM ’12 has the following objectives:

• To provide participants with a sound understanding of the scientific and methodological issues in bariatric medicine and surgical practices.

• To build participants knowledge in the areas of:

a. Clinical assessment and management of bariatric patients
b. Current best practices in dietary, psychological and behavioural management of bariatric patients
c. Current best practices in patient selection and preparation
d. Current understanding of the biology of metabolic and bariatric surgery patients
e. Interdisciplinary obesity research and practice.

• To educate participants in new developments in:

a. Medical and behavioural management of severe obesity
b. Nutritional and psychosocial complications in bariatric patients
c. Emerging devices in obesity management
d. Rehabilitation issues in bariatric care

• To give participants an understanding of health services/health systems impact on issues related to bariatric care

More information on this event can be here.

Please indicate your interest in learning more about and perhaps participating in this event here.

Edmonton, Alberta