Obesity Guru Takes To The Edmonton International Fringe Festival

WCofOG_F2Not too long ago, the CBC’s The National, referred to me as “Canada’s obesity guru”.  This certainly tickled my funny bone enough to venture doing a show on Obesity Gurus at this year’s Edmonton International Fringe Festival, a perfect forum for this sort of fringy fun.

For those not familiar with the ongoings at “The Fringe”, this annual theatre festival, now in its 33rd year, features 100s of artists from across Canada and around the world in over 500 indoor and outdoor shows, literally turning Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue into a wild and wacky 10-day carnival.

My show, “Weighty Confessions of an Obesity Guru” (best described as a comedic monologue) fits in nicely with this years 70’s theme – an era not least known for the popularity of East Indian “gurus”, especially with their Western followers..

In addition, this year’s festival motto “Fringed and Confused” is certainly reflective of how I often find myself in discussions about obesity and weight management both with my patients and colleagues (indeed, there is so much more we need to learn).

For those in Edmonton wishing to come out to see one of my seven (!) shows – the Fringe Box Office is now open.

Look for me at Cally’s Tea at 10151-82 (Whyte) Avenue (VENUE#38)

Yours “fringed and confused”,

Edmonton, AB