Obesity Fact #3: Physical Activity Improves Health

There is certainly no arguing with obesity fact #3 from the New England Journal of Medicine paper:

“Regardless of body weight or weight loss, an increased level of exercise increases health”

There are indeed countless studies showing how even moderately increasing physical activity can improve glucose metabolism, increase healthy HDL cholesterol, improve cardio-respiratory fitness, improve mood and general well-being, reduces stress levels, improves sleep and even helps ward off some cancers.

However, these studies also show that for most people, losing weight is not one of the benefits of being more active (after all it’s called “working up an appetite” for a reason!).

Thus, while exercise is not the panacea for weight loss (or even preventing weight gain), it is certainly the panacea for good health.

Fortunately for those who may not happen to be the biggest activity enthusiasts, even very moderately increasing activity levels for a few minutes a day can have significant benefits. Indeed, when it comes to the health benefits of exercise – less, done regularly, is often more (especially if you are at a higher weight).

Remember, if you can lift 300 pounds out of that chair and carry them across the room – you’re already an athlete in my books.

Edmonton, AB