Best of 2009

As 2009 is rapidly coming to a close, here are a selection of what may have been my most memorable posts of 2009:

January: Do High-Glycemic Foods Promote Food Addictions?

February: Weight Loss Miracles

March: Have Diabetes? Find a Surgeon!

April: Going to BAT for Obesity Solutions?

May: Like Father, Like Daughter

June: Does Weight Bias Promote Obesity?

July: Saying “I Do” Promotes Obesity

August: Is Weight-Loss Advice Unethical?

September: Why Weight Loss and Obesity Management Are Not the Same

October: Real Stories From Real People

November: Etiological Assessment of Obesity

December: Does White Hat Bias Confound Obesity Research?

Obviously, this is just a selection, admittedly a personally biased one.

Appreciate any comments on what you liked best or enjoyed the most.

Edmonton, Alberta