2011 UW Science in Medicine Lecture

Yesterday, I had the honor and privilege of presenting the 2011 Science in Medicine Lecture at the University of Washington School of Medicine. The topic of my presentation was the etiological framework for the assessment and management of obesity.

As regular readers will be well aware, obesity is about far more than simply managing calories in and calories out.

Or, as the organisers of this annual talk so accurately put it:

“As the 2011 UW Science in Medicine Lecturer, Sharma will talk about systemically assessing the effects social, cultural, biomedical, and psychological factors, as well as treatments, such as dieting and drugs for other conditions, have on energy input, metabolism and expenditure. He will discuss factors that affect metabolism – how the body powers its activities and stores energy. Metabolism is influenced by age, gender, genetics, brain hormones, loss of muscle mass and strength, metabolically active fat, medications, and prior weight loss.

He will also look at the many facets of energy intake – social and cultural influences, mindless eating, physical hunger, emotional eating, mental health contributors, and medication. Then, he will examine influences on expending energy through activity – physical and emotional deterants, sociocultural factors, and medications.

Sharma will show how analyzing the framework of contributing factors can help clinicicians systematically assess, identify, and thereby address the specific determinants of an individual patient’s energy balance, including imbalances leading to weight gain. Such an approach could result in more effective prevention and management of obesity.”

Judging by the interest and following discussion, it would be fair to say that the talk was well received.

I am certainly grateful to the University of Washington for bestowing on me this honour and allowing me the opportunity to present my thoughts and research work to my esteemed colleagues here in Seattle.

Seattle, Washington