Fifth Anniversary Obesity Boot Camp

CON-RCO Obesity Boot Camp 2010

CON-RCO Obesity Boot Camp 2010

As my followers on FaceBook are well aware, I spent all of last week at the 2010 Obesity Boot Camp co-organized by theCanadian Obesity Network (CON) and theMerck-Frosst/CIHR Obesity Chair at the University of Laval, QC.

As in the four previous camps, this year’s camp once again brought together some of the best and brightest students and new professionals from across Canada for over 100 hours of education and social activities (including the Tree Top Adventure, Kayaking, tour of Quebec City).

This year featured new memorable events like the 1st Obesity Boot Camp idol and the Saturday Night Live Karaoke Party – or as the students would say, “genial!”.

Overall I have no doubts that, as in previous camps, some friendships have been forged for life – both personal and professional.

For my part, I again learnt a lot from listening and interacting with the students and faculty. While there continue to be no easy solutions to obesity in sight, there certainly are reasons for optimism, seeing the enthusiasm with which the students are preparing to face the challenge of solving one of the greatest global health problem of our times.

The Canadian Obesity Network is grateful to all of the faculty and supporters who made this camp possible.

Personally, I look forward to continuing interactions with the now over 120 Boot Camp Alumni over the coming months and years.

Dushesnay, Quebec