CABPS Welcomes Increased Support for Bariatrics

Yesterday, I attended a special symposium hosted by the Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons (CABPS) in Halifax.

While Mehran Anvari (McMaster University) spoke on the recent announcement of $75 Million in funding for Bariatric Centres of Excellence in Ontario, Nikolas Christou (McGill University) emphasized the urgency for similar decisions in other provinces, including Quebec.

Bariatric surgeons trying to develop programs in Regina (Saskatchewan), Moncton (New Brunswick), Richmond (British Columbia) and elsewhere, commented on their efforts and the tremendous and overwhelming demand on their services.

In my presentation, I called for a nation-wide initiative to improve access to bariatric care, not just surgical treatments, but also for medical, mental health and rehabilitation services. I also emphasized that providing treatments to the over 5 Million Canadians struggling with obesity is unrealistic without full engagement of family doctors and family health teams or primary care networks across the country.

Not treating obesity, in the end, means treating the complications – obesity treatment IS prevention!

Halifax, Nova Scotia