Bariatric Lunch Forum

Today I hosted my first Bariatric Lunch Forum, a “talk-show style” noon-hour live “show”, where I plan to address and discuss issues relevant to bariatric care. The forum is televised via Alberta’s extensive telehealth network to any of the hundreds of telehealth sites in Alberta and beyond. The technology allows live questions to come in that I can answer and discuss with the guests on the forum.

For this first forum, I invited Jean-Jaque Lovely from the Weight Wise Adult Bariatric Clinic at the Royal Alexandra Hospital to discuss issues relevant to patient self-management (we discussed the Flinders model) and who the appropriate patients were for referral to the centre.

Despite a couple of technical hitches, the forum went pretty well – at least from my perspective. The plan is to make the recording available through the website in order to reach an even broader audience.

The fora are part of our strategy to help promote a better understanding of bariatric care amongst health professionals across Alberta and beyond (special welcome to today’s viewers from Regina, Saskatchewan – sorry the technology did not allow me to hear your question – we’ll fix this for next time).

I look forward to hosting these fora as often as I can, at least a couple per month as I know that there is a lot of interest out there.

Please feel free to send feedback and any questions you may have to

Hope you will join me for the next Bariatric Lunch Forum on November 5th, 12.00 MST.

Edmonton, Alberta