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  1. Thnks dr Sharma, by your notes, your comentaries and articles, more imporantly of your wisdomThanks for shere with an spanish spoken medical doctor, where have a friend here in San Luis Potosí, México.
    My experience is see obese people with a great family and genetic background, much more than I can see is written in medical literature, of course with innapropiate diet habits, but with a third very imortant component : POVERTY that forces these patients to ingest just they can, day by day.
    I´m thin, eat much more than my obese patients, and most importrant, I really think I willnever follow the plan diets I recomend my patients….
    Maybe , asa patient told me once….”That I came here to live not to last”….
    very light trialor a vry profund one???

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