WW Orientation Workshop

If my information is currect, there are currently over 2000 people waiting to be assessed in the Adult Weight Management Clinic!

Talking to the folks in the clinic made it quite evident that many of these patients, when they finally get an appointment, are not quite sure what to expect. Many realise that this is not exactly what they want, or the assessing staff quickly finds out that these patients have a lot of other issues that may need to be sorted out first before there is a realistic chance of tackling their obesity.

It is clear that having some form of Orientation Session that will inform potential patients about what the WW program can and cannot offer, what the treatment options are and how much commitment it will take to succesfully conquer their obesity (remember we are dealing with a life-long chronic disease), may help reduce the disappointments and frustrations.

Plans on how best to run these sessions and how best to provide relevant information on the scope of the WW program are currently under development – thanks to everyone who’s involved in this! – appreciate any suggestions in this regard.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,