When Is Your Baby Due and Other Unhelpful Weight Remarks From Health Professionals

sharma-obesity-warning-fingerYesterday, I dared asked you to send in the most unhelpful and ridiculous pieces of advice you have ever received from a health professionals.

I ended up fielding your comments all day – I certainly had heard a lot before but reading your comments as they came in certainly prove the point that we have a problem.

I think your responses scrape the tip of the iceberg in terms of some of the things that people with excess weight have to put up with when they dare seek professional help.

The comments, that make for great reading, range from those that are simply useless:

“Just put your fork and spoon down and go for a walk instead.”
“Don’t eat so many cookies.”
“Use your willpower!”
“Just stop bending your elbow.”
“Just follow Canada Food Guide.”
“Eat only fruit and nuts for a month.”
“Eat what your sister eats, look at her, she is thin.”

to those that are downright insulting:

“You might want to move to Turkey as they like hairy, fat women there.”
“What do you do, sit and eat a pound of butter a day”.
“It’s normal for overweight people to be short of breath when they are suddenly active.”
“Walrusses are not skinny and neither will you ever be.”
“Well, they lost weight it Auschwitz didn’t they?”

Guess there’s still plenty of work to be done – sigh!

Edmonton, AB