What’s The Stupidest Remark You’ve Heard From a Health Professional About Your Weight?

sharma-obesity-trust-me-im-a-doctorRegular readers will be well aware of my concerns about the level of obesity expertise (or rather lack of it) amongst health professionals.

It is certainly no surprise that in the course of my practice I have had my patients tell me some incredibly insensitive stories and recount some ridiculous advice that they have received from health professionals.

Indeed, there is enough evidence in the literature to suggest that a substantial proportion of health professionals are as (if not more) weight-biased and discriminatory when it comes to their overweight and obese clients. I have also heard incredible stories about how the most unlikely health problems have been attributed to excess weight with virtually no examinations or considerations given to other causes.

So here is your opportunity to share with me (and everyone else) some of the most ridiculous, unhelpful and perhaps offensive things that you have heard from a health professional with regard to your weight. What has been the most frustrating experience that you’ve been through when it comes to seeking professional help for a health problem – related or unrelated to your body weight.

Just one rule: please do not name the professional or provide any other identifiable details – I am more interested in the nature of the comments than in who said what.

I look forward to your response.

Edmonton, AB