What A Lottery Winner Registry Can Teach You About Winning A Lottery

Clearly the vast majority of people who buy lottery tickets never win – however some do. In fact, there are tens of thousands of people out there who have defied the odds and have indeed held the winning ticket – there are even people who have had a winning streak and won the lottery several times over.

How can we emulate this success? Well, as a first step, we could create a National Lottery Winner Registry, where anyone with a significant lottery win can sign up and answer a bunch of questions regarding their demographics and winning strategy. 

From this vast database of real-life lottery winners, we can surely deduct commonalities that should guide us in our own lottery endeavours. 

As it turns out, there are indeed important features that all lottery winners share – for one, they all held at least one ticket! Most had played the lottery several times before winning (although there were some lucky exceptions). Many bought more than one ticket. Many (especially those with lower winnings) played lotteries with better odds. A substantial number of winners participated in lottery pools. 

On the other hand, there is also a long list of strategies that seem to have worked particularly well for some people. For e.g. some have always played the same numbers, while others have taken pains to chose different numbers every time. Some chose to bet on birthdays whilst others preferred anniversaries. Some bought their tickets early, others waited to the last minute. Some always bought their tickets at the same gas station others chose a random location. Some had more complex game plans and strategies others just trusted their guts or happened to feel lucky that day.

Nevertheless from these interesting data derived from proven “winners” we can certainly create a list of sure-fire strategies that should allow us to follow in their footsteps:

  1. Buy at least one ticket
  2. Buy more tickets if you can
  3. Play low-odd stakes
  4. Be persistent, if your ticket does not win, buy another one
  5. Do whatever works for you.

With this important information gleaned from my Lottery Winner Registry I should surely now be in a much better position to win the next lottery.

If the above seems rather absurd to you, then you’re not wrong. 

On the other hand, some of you may be wishing you had your own Lottery Winner Registry – after all the approach sounds pretty sensible (not to mention scientific!). 

Sadly, while we may not have a National Lottery Winner Registry, what we do luckily have is a National Weight Control Registry, which works pretty much along the same lines. 

You find the few lucky people who have apparently won the long-term weight-loss lottery and ask them how they did it. 

From this we have indeed learned a few things that should be helpful to anyone trying to beat the odds of long-term weight loss.

  1. Eat less – somewhere around 1400 KCals a day
  2. Move more – somewhere around 350-400 KCals a day
  3. Weigh yourself regularly (though how often is pretty much up to you)
  4. Find a strategy that works for you and stick with it (this one is really important!)

Now, with these important insights in hand, anyone should be able to emulate the remarkable success of our long-term weight-loss lottery winners.

But most importantly of all, don’t let anyone ever tell you that long-term weight loss with behaviour change is not possible – after all, these folks have all done it using the above fool-proof strategy, so please, no excuses!

I’m off to buy a lottery ticket.

Berlin, D