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Weight Management Never Stops

This morning, on the last day of the 23rd Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension, I present a 60 min session on obesity management.

As with all chronic diseases, obesity requires a long-term approach that needs to begin with a systematic analysis of the factors contributing to weight gain.

This should be followed by assessing the mental, mechanical, metabolic and socioeconomic consequences of excess weight, to better define the indication and goals of treatment.

Often the same mental, mechanical, metabolic and monetary factors can prove to be major barriers to weight management and may have to individually addressed before any relevant and sustainable weight loss can be expected.

In all cases, the kind of treatment that is found effective has to continue indefinitely to keep the weight under control. The idea that you can do something for a few weeks, months, or years and then simply hope to have changed your metabolism to allow you to keep the weight off is a common misconception about weight management.

Rather, the same rules apply as for other chronic conditions – when the treatment stops – the weight comes back.

Fortunately, obesity can be controlled and preventing further weight gain is already success!

Vancouver, BC

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Sharma AM, & Padwal R (2010). Obesity is a sign – over-eating is a symptom: an aetiological framework for the assessment and management of obesity. Obesity reviews : an official journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity, 11 (5), 362-70 PMID: 19922430


  1. Good day Dr. Sharma,
    If people would only listen. It can be so easy.
    Thank you for the information. Many need to here and fear the warning signs of obesity.
    Unfortunately, they often wait much to long.
    It can be controlled and prevented.
    My wife and I discovered many things listening to you and we apply your principles and tell others to follow your advice.
    We are 58,59 and in great shape only because of what we eat.
    We want to live to be over 100.
    Thanks Doc
    Pierre & Pierrette
    Thee Quest For Perfect Health

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  2. Nice to see that you were invited to speak at this conference. Obesity is underlying cause for many of these conditions but it is often blatently ignored since the effective treatment options are limited. I wish the CDA would have been as insightful

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  3. Thanks a lot Dr Sharma -a wonderful and deep insight on all obesity related concepts ,sufferers need to understand obesity management need time and professionals need to appreciate complexity of obesity and diversity of its triggers and tackle them all -Quick fixes only backfire and put people on track to develop a disorder, we all know how the psychological status ,low self esteem after relapse and loss of confidence will exacerbate the problem further and that in my opinion is what is snowballing obesity worldwide

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  4. Problem is the lack of fast choices that are also healthy. When trying to maintain my own weight it was next to impossible to find a good selection of healthy alternatives eat out with co-workers or have a ready-made meal from the grocery store. Like most people, with less time to prep the meals myself, the weight crept up again. People buy food they like. Grocery stores and restaurants don’t pay enough attention to the taste of healthy food.

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