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Weekend Roundup, August 26

As not everyone may have a chance during the week to read every post, here’s a roundup of last week’s posts:

Have a great Sunday! (or what’s left of it)

Edmonton, Alberta

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  1. ‘Physician counselling is effective in promoting healthy behavior’. If a physician’s approach to a patient’s ‘overweight or obesity status’ is initiated as a sensitive and compassionate observation or based on pertinent lab and clinical data– then patients will respond accordingly. In reality, many physicians merely ‘call or point out’ their personal perceptions to the patient in a discriminatory and stigmatizing tone. Patients resent physicians who simply ‘call out’ their perspective and disclose their bias with respect to the patient’s ‘self-imposed disorder’, but fall deaf and silent when solutions are sought out during the discussion. Physicians historically have contributed more to the problem than to the solution re obesity. How many times have we heard the standard orthopaedic mantra for knee and hip replacements — “Go out from my office and lose 50-100 pounds; push yourself away from the table. These expensive government subsidized rationed hardware parts must be reserved for patients, who we feel will have a positive outcome for 5-10 years. Please see your family doc for your severe pain, dietary needs and a return appointment in 6-12months. Patient’s awareness, acceptance and willingness to participate in any solution demands far more than a mere physician’s ‘calling out’.

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