Urgelt on Prejudice and Obesity

I actually don’t really know who Urgelt is. All I know is that he has quite a following on YouTube, reads poetry, and generally (from the clips I’ve seen) makes some pretty insightful comments.

In response to a recent post on Fat-Jokes, reader Razwell, a friend and follower of Urgelt, suggested I watch the following short YouTube clip of Urgelt speaking on Prejudice and Obesity.

I did and I thought I would repost it here, as several readers may find this of interest (subscribers will have to head to my site to watch this):

Although, regular readers will know that I don’t necessarily share all of Urgelt’s views (especially not when it comes to considering everyone, who carries some extra weight ‘diseased’ or recommending ‘weight-loss’ to anyone, who happens to have a higher BMI), his comments are nevertheless extraordinarily compassionate and insightful.

Appreciate all comments,

Edmonton, Alberta