Trendz in Cafeteria Food

Yesterday I had lunch at the Cafeteria of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital just across the street from my office at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

The cafeteria is built on Capital Health’s own Healthy Choice Trendz(TM) philosophy that includes a Bistro concept that makes the healthy choice the easy choice. Not only is there no sign of a deep fryer (a rarity for North America) but one really has to look for the unhealthy stuff on the menu.

The standard meat servings are smaller and the plate comes heaped with stir fried vegetables (no oil!) and roast potatoes. Soups come in low-sodium versions, there are even low-fat biscotti, and all breads are whole-grain by default.

Finally, at the coffee outlet, you have a choice of skimmed and 2% milk – cream you have to ask for.

Yes there are some unhealthy choices like pop but the water and juices are up front – the pop you have to actually bend over to pick up.

No problem getting a healthy lunch there – of course, if you try hard, you can find the stuff that it’s better to avoid – but they sure don’t make it easy on you.

Obviously, Capital Health, which developed and is currently establishing the healthy Trendz concept in all of its food outlets, is not only proud of the concept but has assured me that they have even found that offering healthy choices is profitable.

Hopefully the role-out across the region and beyond will not take too long.

Edmonton, Alberta

p.s the picture is not of the actual food I got, but it certainly comes close