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Time to give up the baby bottle? Prolonged use associated with obesity: study

Dr. Arya Sharma, chair in obesity research and management at the University of Alberta, said liquid calories tend not to have the same effect on satiety, or feeling full, as solid calories.Read Article


  1. I am shocked. Obesity is being rationalized and you are in effect passing blame for our obese population to the parents. Since obesity is a new disease, I would suggest that maybe diet is the cause. Foods we are literally forced to eat because the industry enjoys greedy profits, not healthy customers, are the direct link to obesity. Fatty foods, fried foods, fast foods, and of course the soft drinks of today, no sugar anymore, glucose frutose are the sweeteners, which do not tell the brain “too much sugar, stop drinking”. This is the cause of obesity. But wait, ya know what, blaming instead of taking responsibility is much easier. So, you are right, it’s those baby bottles MOM fed me that made me obese. Pass me another burger and fries please, and yes super size that and yes, same for the Diet Cola.

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  2. You should be ashamed of your profession and yourself. You KNOW what the causes and effects are of obesity and yet your industry does little to nothing to stop governments and food producers from continuing the status quo.
    It continues along with cancer. We are always being reminded to raise money for cancer research. Are they looking for a pill? Since we know what CAUSES cancer, why are we raising money for it? Diet, radiation, the basic causes. Am I wrong? Please, correct me, I dare you. Seems that there are a lot of other solutions to fighting cancer but your profession again ignores them and defaults to more radiation.
    Colonoscapy (sp) and breast cancer testing has been proven to be a waste of time by the AMA and the UK Medical Assocation, yet your industry continues to recommend and perform these intrusive and unnecessary “tests”.

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