The Birds And Bees Don’t Do It

In case you’re wondering what the birds and bees don’t do – the answer is simple – breast feeding!

Why blog about this?

For one, even if breast feeding may not be quite the magical solution to obesity prevention that it is often touted to be (see this article on common obesity myths), it certainly has more benefits for infants (and perhaps the moms) than your could even begin to count.

Reason enough for me to enthusiastically support my daughter, Linnie von Sky’s latest children’s book venture, which has breast feeding as its central theme.

Readers, who may have seen (and supported the creation of Linnie’s first three children’s books – on immigration, weight bullying, and depression), will likely rally to support her latest venture by pre-ordering her new book on Indigogo.

Readers unfamiliar with Linnie’s wonderful whimsical books, may wish visit Linnie’s website and check things out for themselves.

If you feel strongly about breast feeding and its many benefits and think that it’s never too early to teach kids about it, please take a minute to support Linnie’s campaign by pre-ordering her books (or even acquiring a piece of the original artwork).

Proud Dad
Edmonton, AB