SuperChefs Cook Up a Mess at the Obesity Summit

After an exhausting week of jam-packed sessions at the 3rd Canadian Obesity Summit last week, it is time to look back at some of the initiatives and projects presented at the Summit.

One particular exciting event was a cooking demonstration by SuperChefs of the Universe hosted by the Starwoods Group in its Westin Bayshore kitchen.

This Vancouver-based initiative that is rapidly turning into a global movement describes itself as follows:

“SuperChefs Entertainment Inc. is a company dedicated to teaching kids invaluable cooking skills and promoting healthy eating habits by focusing our animated characters, the SuperChefs of the Universe, on entertaining and educating young children, in all forms of media, about the power and the fun that comes from the joy of cooking, eating nutritious foods and daily exercise and the lifelong impact they can have on their lives.”

2013 Super Chefs Nat'l Obesity Summit 0001

SuperChefs kids and Executive Chefs, including Chef Andrew George (World Culinary Gold Olympian), Chef Victor Bongo (Awarded Top Ten Chefs in Canada and soon to be seen on Chopped!), and Dr. Greg Chang (Founder/Creator SuperChefs Cookery for Kids).


2013 Super Chefs Nat'l Obesity Summit 0002.jpg

A young SuperChef working with Chef Victor Bongo to prepare crepes


2013 Super Chefs Nat'l Obesity Summit 0004

SuperChefs checking out Dr. William Dietz’s (former Director of the US Centre for Disease Control) crepe flipping skills


2013 Super Chefs Nat'l Obesity Summit 0006

Dr. Hasan Hutchinson, Director General of the Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion within the Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada, trying his hand at flipping crepes

For more on the SuperChefs – check out their website and activities.

Vancouver, BC