STOP Obesity Alliance Guide to Discussing Health and Weight

STOPObesityAlliance-logoYesterday, at Obesity Week, the Strategies To Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance released a guide for health professionals seeking to discuss obesity and health with their patients.

As readers are aware, weight is a complex and sensitive issue, and conversations about weight can be challenging, not least because such discussions, when done inappropriately, can promote feelings of failure, shame, and a sense of being judged by the health care provider.

Thus, the discussion tool focuses on skills for building a safe and trusting environment with patients to facilitate open and productive conversations with patients.

In principle, the issues discussed in the tool are very similar to the approach taken in the Canadian Obesity Network’s 5As of Obesity Management.

The tool addresses patient accommodation, building trust, beginning a conversation, adressing readiness, the use of people-first language, as well as goal setting and support.

There is a special mention of how to deal with patients who have experienced trauma as well as a discussion about providers who may have concerns about their own weight.

Finally, the guide also provides a list of links to additional resources that health care practitioners may find helpful in advising and working with their patients.

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