Sold Out House At the Premiere of the Dr Sharma Show

This morning just a quick vote of thanks to all who came out for the show last night in St. Albert – it was a sold out crowd and I certainly had a lot of fun (after some initial nervousness, given the unusual format). Thanks also to all who helped organise and support the event.

Here is what one viewer (a colleague) had to say about it in her blog right after the show:

I just attended a fantastic talk by Dr. Arya Sharma….which emphasized finding out why you are gaining weight or eating too much and not the useless “just stop eating so much and exercise more” advice people usually get.

Some great points included: focusing on changing your “life not your style” as he says. In other words there are no quick fixes but there are real things you can do to manage your weight. Things like getting more sleep .  And everything he talks about is based on legitimate research.

He debunked the old myth of “energy in, energy out” and emphasized and explained why our biology is not so simple .

He also spent time talking about how important it is to take care of your mind and mental health. He champions this area of obesity management.”

I certainly look forward to the next event on November 14 in MIll Woods – see you there,

Edmonton, AB