Sneak Peak at The Canadian Obesity Network’s Rebranding

CON New Logo ScreenshotRecent visitors to the Canadian Obesity Network website may have noted a few changes.

For one, a new logo has replaced the time-worn “maple leaf + measuring tape“. This is in response to strong feelings among both the board and membership that the old logo, with its measuring tape no longer represents one of CON’s key messages, namely that health is not a number on a scale or measuring tape, and that there is no consensus as to what a healthy weight is and how it would be determined for any given individual.

This is particularly a sensitive issue and a mixed message when it comes to public engagement, which brings me to the second major change on the website – a section for the general public.

Until now, despite amassing an impressive membership that is fast approach 12,000, membership and information on the CON website was targeted and reserved to people with a professional interest in obesity – researchers, health professionals, decision makers, trainees, and a range of other stakeholders.

But the most important stakeholder of all – people living obesity – were excluded – both from membership and content.

Since last week, anyone with an interest in obesity can find general information on obesity on the CON website and anyone can subscribe to a soon to be launched regular newsletter for the public, which will feature the latest in obesity research and obesity relevant resources around the country – both in prevention and management.

Currently, the website is still under construction and at this time most of the information focusses on one of CON’s main goals – to reduce obesity stigma and weight-based discrimination.

Stay tuned for sections on prevention, public health, children and youth, pregnancy and a growing catalogue of evidence-based resources for obesity prevention and management.

While you will hardly find the usual “recipes and exercise tips” that are often featured on obesity related website, you will be sure to find a growing body of obesity knowledge that informs about the prevention and management of this chronic disease.

I hope you will agree that the new logo’s sleek icon is reflective of the network’s Canadian focus, with the bottom two segments suggestive of two supportive hands, perhaps representing the many professional members of CON working to find bette ways to prevent and manage obesity.  The white dot focal point on the leaf icon can perhaps be interpreted as the head of a person with uplifted arms (i.e. the white space between the three leaf sections), an expression of hope and aspirations.

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Berlin, Germany