Sexual Function Improves With Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

sharma-obesity-impotenceOne of the key domains in which bariatric patients describe significant limitations is in the area of sexual function.

However, few studies have looked at how this changes with weight loss.

Now, a prospective observational study of men undergoing bariatric surgery published in Surgical Endoscopy suggests significant improvements in metabolic, gonadal and sexual function.

Mireia Mora and colleagues from the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, Spain, studied hormonal, metabolic and sexual function variables in 39 men before and one year after bariatric surgery.

Post-surgical weight loss was associated with a marked improvement in the international index of erectile function (IIEF), whereby baseline IIEF scores and changes in BMI predicted about 70% of the post-surgical variation.

In contrast, although improved by surgery, there was no direct relationship between changes in metabolic or hormonal parameters (including testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin, estradiol, gonadotropins, inhibin B, prolactin, leptin) and improvement in sexual function.

Thus, post-surgical weight loss is associated with significant improvements in sexual function in severely obese men undergoing bariatric surgery.

Edmonton, AB

ResearchBlogging.orgMora M, Aranda GB, de Hollanda A, Flores L, Puig-Domingo M, & Vidal J (2013). Weight loss is a major contributor to improved sexual function after bariatric surgery. Surgical endoscopy PMID: 23612762