Our Canadian Love Story

Mademoiselle Jacqueline - Our Canadian Love Story

Mademoiselle Jacqueline – Our Canadian Love Story

Regular readers may recall a past post, in which I put in my plug for my daughter Linnie’s Indigogo campaign to support a children’s book venture (the script for which she famously wrote on a couple of Air Canada puke bags).

Our Canadian Lovestory” is now published and has turned out much better than even I imagined (and, believe me, I have a pretty active imagination).

Here is what Linnie had to say about this venture on a recent interview she gave to the Cattail Chronicles:

“I’ve always told stories and when my best friend was diagnosed with cancer in our early twenties I began writing them down to amuse her while I took our minds on excursions. We used my stories to carry our imagination away from the absurd, sterile hospital environment that had become our lives. For three years it was my writing that carried me through our days. It’s where I put my pain, digested my feelings and crafted my dreams. While the world around us stopped making sense it was in my writing that I found my comfort and strength. The fact that stories make me smile is the single reason I keep writing.”

And here is how Linnie describes to the Cattail Chronicles how she discovered the importance of reading and being read to:

“Where do I begin? I shared a room with both my younger sisters until I was 13. My parents read to us every single night and when we didn’t read my dad would make up stories that held us captive and made our imagination spin with excitement. I can’t ever remember not being read to. When we didn’t read we listened to stories on cassette tapes and records. Once a week the library bus would roll to the little Berlin corner where we lived and we’d trade in old tapes for new ones and pick up an entire world of written adventures. I still love the smell of library books.”

On the surface, Our Canadian Love Story is the whimsical tale of two bunnies (one French, the other Mexican), who independently decide to move to Canada and happen to meet at Terminal 1 of Canada International Airport (the rest is history!).

On a deeper level, this book is about the immigration experience (we all come from somewhere) and what just might happen when we decide to venture beyond what we know.

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