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  1. I have read a number of the articles of 2010, it seems to me that we are really in a time of search. The search for the keys that will solve the obesity problem. I will share, that I too have been on the search for the last 30 years. At one time I was only 15-20 pounds overweight and then when I became pregnant I gained over 120 pounds. Since that time I have done and tried everything from the magic herbal pill, to phen-phen, to the lap band. Even the band has not helped, sometimes I thought it would be better to be around my head. There is no cure as of yet. We are not using solutions that work. As I am now in recovery and will be for the rest of my life, I believe what we are really missing here is immersion. We know that the only way to truly learn a language is to be immersed, we have immersion classes and schools, we go to other countries to learn the language and we live with parents who teach us the language. Just as an alcoholic needs to go to rehab, so does the obese patient. Some may have to go for longer periods, other may have to go for a shorter program. I have just returned from one (out of country). The information I received covered the 4 keys to success, Nutrition, Exercise, Education and Therapy for recovery. These areas were covered daily very much like addiction rehabilitation. The other key importance was the staff were 50% of those that have recovered and are recovering. The are considered life coaches and are involved the the facilitation of each category. I would love to bring the program to Edmonton. I have walked in the shoes of those that need help and I would love to pass this gift on.

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