Obesity Q & A

Earlier this week, the Globe and Mail reported on Dr. Sean Wharton’s clinic that provides a wide range of bariatric assessments and treatments within the Ontario public health system.

Yesterday, in a follow up to this report, one of Sean’s patients and I answered e-mail questions in an online forum hosted by the Globe and Mail.

As expected, the questions revolved around the usual issues:

1) How can I get to my goal weight? – quick answer: set realistic goals!

2) Why do I regain weight every time I go off my diet? – quick answer: the only way to keep the weight off is to continue on your “diet” forever.

3) How can I get past my weight loss plateau? – quick answer: by eating even less and moving even more – not that I recommend that – perhaps your plateau is as good as this is going to get.

4) Do I have food addiction? – quick answer: no, but you may have binge eating disorder.

5) How come I am still gaining weight, when I eat virtually nothing? – quick answer: either you are underestimating your caloric intake (hidden calories) or you have an unbelievably slow metabolism.

Obviously, the full answers are much more complicated – no wonder they are difficult to understand (and believe?).

What the forum shows? That there are very real people out there with very real weight issues. Too bad that evidence-based bariatric treatments are not readily available.

Vancouver, BC