Obesity Notes Preview 2015

Yo-Yo Rubber Band Feb 2014Now that I am back at work after my first 3-week vacation in decades, I promise my readers to return to regular posts on these pages.

Like most of you, each year, I try for a couple of New Year’s resolutions – some of which, I may even keep.

One is to keep up getting my daily dose of activity – in these Winter months (yesterday we touched -30 C) – this means making the best use of my treadmill – 150 mins a week should about do it.

Second on my list, is to make some time for regular guitar playing – something I often neglect when things get too busy.

2015 will also likely prove a big year for our family – we are expecting our first grandkids later this year.

As for work, I am certain that this year will again see a lot of research and teaching but also a fair share of direct patient care.

In the past years, I have increased my focus on mentoring young clinicians and researchers working in obesity – this is sure to continue.

Hopefully, I will also be able to sneak in a few “Dr Sharma Shows” – the first one for this year is already scheduled for Feb 17 at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre in Ontario (net proceeds will go to support the Canadian Obesity Network).

The one big professional event I do look forward to, is the 4th biennial Canadian Obesity Summit at the Westing Harbor in Toronto (April 28-May 2), registration for which is now open. Attendees can pick from over 20 workshops, over 250 oral and poster presentation, an extensive  exhibit hall, and ample opportunities to network with clinicians, researchers, trainees, policy makers and other stakeholders from across Canada and beyond. (Note deadline for late-breaking abstracts: Jan 12-30).

As for the blogging – I will continue to post brief opinion pieces, commentaries, and discussions of emerging research in obesity – I am sure there will be plenty to write about.

Happy New Year!

Edmonton, AB