Mapping Chronic Disease in Canada

Visualising vast epidemiological datasets as meaningful graphics is not always simple or straightforward.

Today, I would like to share with you a link to the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Chronic Disease Infobase.

It allows anyone to produce charts and graphics that profile the epidemiology of major non-communicable diseases in Canada, including obesity, cancers, and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases – by province/territory and by regional health unit.

The data sets include demographic, mortality, morbidity, risk factor and related health care data.

According to the Agency: “Chronic Disease Infobase uses advanced information technology to provide dynamic access to an extensive database.

Every page that is generated retrieves data from the database on the fly, which means that every time you come back to Chronic Disease Infobase, you may get new information; since the database is updated as data become available.

Chronic Disease Infobase provides several display options. Multiple area comparisons, morbidity and mortality time trends, birth cohort mortality trends and proportional mortality trends are just some of the options. Thematic mapping with user friendly options is also available.

For readers more interested in global data, check out the WHO’s Global Infobase, which has similar tools for a global perspective.

Warning: These sites can be tremendous time killers – perfect for fellow procrastinators!


Edmonton, Alberta

Hat Tip to Reader Billie-Jean for bringing this great tool to my attention!