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Like Father, Like Daughter

Regular readers of these pages know that I rarely mention personal stuff on this blog. Today is an exception, as I would like to plug my daughter Linnie’s new blog, which I am sure many of you may find of interest (some of you may actually have suffered through her Pilates sessions at the recent Obesity Summit).

Linnie’s blog, which she calls “Don’t Reduce me to Eye Candy” (or Dr Eye Candy for short) is about peoples’ obsession with beauty and body shape. Growing up with a dad, who deals with obesity as a profession, it is not totally unexpected that Linnie has her own thoughts and ideas on this topic.

Of course, having a degree in Communication Studies from McMaster University (Hamilton) and a diploma in Marketing Management from Humber College (Toronto), means that she’s actually learnt how to bring a point across. As her dad, of course, I am convinced that she’s got enough natural talent and insights to make her mark – but, then again, I am just the dad – so go ahead and read for yourself…

Edmonton, Alberta


  1. Great blog site Arya. She has a real gift with words. That education paid off.


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  2. For you and your daughter.

    I have been looking at online corporate health and fitness programs (any suggestions?) In the process I recently sent everyone in our office (about 15 of us) the BMI calculator –. See:

    Here was the first response:
    The BMI has it’s uses but it’s a very blunt instrument for measuring healthy weight. For instance, my son (he’s 20) at 6’1” and 195 lbs is considered overweight. He’s not at all (and that’s not just his fond mother talking). The measure doesn’t seem to take muscle into account?

    Other opinions?

    I’m three times her son’s age and come in at 27.1 that puts me in the overweight category — but you wouldn’t know to look at me and I feel just fine thanks.

    Are their other benchmarks more realistic? How important is BMI?

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