Obesity Guru – Fringed and Confused

header_Fringe_festival2014As I look forward to a wild and crazy week of performances and shenanigans at North America’s largest and longest running 33rd International Fringe Theatre festival here a short glimpse of a few TV interviews about my “Obesity Guru” show.

If this is a way to get scientific messages about obesity to the public – so be it! I for one plan to have as much fun with this as I can.

Given that all 7 shows for next week are sold out (they were sold out 3 days before start of the festival), I can only assume that a lot of Edmontonians are interested in this rather quirky approach to science communication.

(Note to my international readers – some of these links may not work in your country)

CTV Edmonton News

Global TV News Health Matters

Shaw Television Go Edmonton!

City Breakfast TV

Yours fringed and confused,

Edmonton, AB