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Regular readers will know that most of my posts deal with serious issues relevant to obesity prevention and management – most often my posts are on new research findings that catch my attention.

But everyday there are more stories than I could ever blog about – not everything is serious, there are many quirky news items, videos, blog postings, and other stuff that may be of interest to my readers – but here is not the place for them.

To liven things up and to give my readers a much broader chance to engage in my postings and discuss some of the many issues relevant to weight management, I have created a “Fan Page” on Facebook.

Every day, many readers send me links to articles and news items that they feel I could blog about – here is your chance to directly share these links with my readers by posting them on my Facebook page.

I invite anyone with a Facebook account to visit and sign up to my “Fan Page” by clicking here (and if you like what you see – please do invite your friends!).

Looking forward to seeing you on Facebook!

Edmonton, Alberta