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Finding Adult Weight Management Services in Canada

Marie-France Langlois, MD, Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke

Finding credible weight management help in Canada is not easy. Helping Canadians struggling with excess weight identify credible resources is a major objective of the Canadian Obesity Awareness and Control Initiative for Health (COACH).

A group of researchers and partners lead by Dr Marie-France Langlois from the University of Sherbrooke is performing, in partnership with the Canadian Obesity Network (CON), the first pan-Canadian environmental scan of adult weight management services.

This survey, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) of Québec, provides an opportunity for Canadian weight management programs (clinical, community, commercial or otherwise) to describe their approaches including: referral/enrolment processes, inclusion/exclusion criteria, description of health care team, treatment outcomes, style of intervention, funding sources and program affiliations, and to connect with other professionals across the country.

The questionnaire can be completed by any clinician, researcher or administrator who leads a Canadian weight management program/service (1 survey per program).

Survey completion takes approximately 20 minutes and entries can be saved and edited. Summary data and program contact information can be made available on the site, with your permission, to enable networking and collaboration between clinicians and researchers.

A patient-oriented version may also be developed and will contain data of programs to be made available through COACH.

For further details or in order to access the survey, obtain a username and password, and submit information about your program, please CLICK HERE.

Please feel free to forward this address to others individuals involved with Canadian weight management programs who may be interested.

For questions regarding this survey please contact Marie-Michèle Rosa Fortin M.Sc at mmrosafortin.chus[at]

If you do not run a weight management clinic but would like to support the COACH initiative please click here.

Edmonton, Alberta

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  1. Sorry, but I don’t share your opinion about finding a credible weight management help in Canada. I think that finding credible weight management help in Canada and in the rest of the world that has problems of obesity is very easy.

    The problem is that no one “weight management help” works; regardless of how particularly the weight management is officially credible.

    In reality, if there is just one credible “weight management program/method/help”, there will be no problem of obesity.

    To maintain credibility of any “weight management help”, the only option is to blame obese people.

    Medical scientists and health campaigners have to move from the comfortable way of thinking about the cause and the solution for obesity. Obesity is caused by the factor that can’t be attributed to the life style. Let’s talk about that.

    To create a really credible weight management requires a relatively new science – the Science of Biomechanics.

    Luke Tunyich
    Biomechanics and Weight Menagement

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