Obesity & Energetic Offerings

David Allison, PhD, Distinguished Professor, University of Alabama

David Allison, PhD, Distinguished Professor, University of Alabama

For several months now, my colleagues at the University of Alabama have been compiling a weekly list of selected obesity related articles in a list they call Obesity and Energetic Offerings.

The list is compiled by David B. Allison, Michelle Bohan-Brown, Emily Dhurandhar, Kathryn Kaiser, and Andrew Brown.

The following is my selection of articles from this week’s list that caught my attention:

Findings Counter to Hypotheses or Common Beliefs

  • RCT: No significant effects of after school soccer on weight status among students. Click Here
  • No association of participation in afterschool fitness program with youth overweight. Click Here
  • Bariatric surgery was not associated with reduced overall health care costs in the long term. Click Here
  • Dietary patterns were not associated with BMI among Australian toddlers. Click Here


  • Fat chance for longevity – a role for lipase-generated ω-6 fatty acids in promoting autophagy and, consequently, life span extension.Click Here
  • Intentional weight loss in older adults: useful or wasting disease generating strategy? Click Here
  • The obesity-mortality relationship is estimated to grow stronger with age. Click Here

Basic Science

  • Bone marrow derived cells may regulate appetite. Click Here
  • Disruption of Circadian Clock Linked to Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Attacks. Click Here

Basic Science – Methods

  • Distinguishing body mass and activity level from the lower limb: Can entheses diagnose obesity? Click Here
  • Is there a Benefit to Use Calculated Percent Body Fat or Age- and Gender-adjusted BMI to Predict Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease? Click Here


  • Direct and indirect effects of a family-based intervention in early adolescence on parent-youth relationship quality, late adolescent health, and early adult obesity. Click Here
  • Dropout is a problem in lifestyle intervention programs for overweight and obese infertile women: a systematic review. Click Here
  • Self-efficacy as a Predictor of Weight Change and Behavior Change in the PREMIER Trial. Click Here
  • RCT: Combining behavioral weight loss treatment and a commercial program. Click Here
  • RCT: Lifestyle intervention reduces body weight and improves cardiometabolic risk factors in worksites. Click Here


  • RCT: Bariatric surgery provides durable glycemic control compared with intensive medical therapy at 2 years. Click Here
  • Obesity is associated with higher overall survival in patients undergoing an outpatient reduced-intensity conditioning hematopoietic stem cell transplant. Click Here

Translational – Other

  • RCT: Morning bright light treatment reduces body fat and appetite in overweight women. Click Here
  • RCT: Treating Rural Pediatric Obesity Through Telemedicine. Click Here
  • The Influence of Body Mass Index and Gender on the Impact Attenuation Properties of Safety Floors. Click Here
  • Re-visiting the relationship between neighbourhood environment and BMI: an instrumental variables approach to correcting for residential selection bias. Click Here
  • RCT: Effects of Experimental Sleep Restriction on Caloric Intake and Activity Energy Expenditure. Click Here
  • Getting to the height of the matter: The relationship between stature and adiposity in pre-pubertal children. Click Here
  • Geographies of Race and Food: Fields, Bodies, Markets. Click Here
  • Being an Only or Last-Born Child Associated with Later Risk of Obesity. Click Here
  • Genetic predisposition to an adverse lipid profile limits the improvement in total cholesterol in response to weight loss. Click Here



  • Antidepressant use and new-onset diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Click Here
  • The Relationship of Sugar to Population-Level Diabetes Prevalence: An Econometric Analysis of Repeated Cross-Sectional Data.Click Here
  • Interpreting our findings from today’s study on sugars and diabetes (Explanation of above). Click Here

Ethics & Research Integrity

  • Dr. Martin Binks on Financial Conflicts in Science and Media. Click Here
  • Anti BPA Crusade Discrediting Science And Environmental Health, Says Leading, Independent Expert. Click Here
  • Is most scientific research factually distorted? Click Here
  • Goal-priming controversy – Does work hold up? Click Here
  • BMC Psychology pledges ‘to put less emphasis on interest levels’ and publish repeat studies and negative results. Click Here


  • Systematic Review: African Bush Mango not recommended for weight loss. Click Here
  • Dietary protein – its role in satiety, energetics, weight loss and health. Click Here
  • Two Mediterranean diets decreased major cardiovascular events compared to a low-fat diet. Click Here
  • Political sides have different dining tastes, poll finds. Click Here
  • Overeating makes the gut grow fonder; new insights in gastrointestinal satiety signaling in obesity. Click Here
  • CDC Report: Caloric Intake From Fast Food Among Adults. Click Here

Physical Activity

  • Recommend and They will Exercise – Or will They? Click Here
  • Fewer hours spent on housework may fuel obesity in women. Click Here
  • RCT: CHO supplementation prior to and during exercise increased total force output during high-volume resistance training. Click Here
  • Leisure-time physical activity does not fully explain the higher body mass index in irregular-shift workers. Click Here


  • Questioning the logical basis of Dr. Marion Nestle’s arguments advocating public policy. Click Here
  • Europe Denies Obesity Drug Approval. Click Here
  • Framing Childhood Obesity: How Individualizing the Problem Affects Public Support for Prevention. Click Here
  • Personalised risk communication may have small effect on uptake of screening tests; limited evidence of improving informed consumer decision making. Click Here
  • Taiwan: Nationwide campaign to tackle obesity (Video). Click Here
  • Queensland Government launches shock TV advert (note slimy squishy noises in video). Click Here
  • Pressure grows on government to act on obesity as figures show effect on health and the NHS. Click Here

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