Does Ralph Lauren Care About Anorexia?

I am fully aware that this blog is generally dedicated to discussing topics relevant to obesity prevention and management. Readers may therefore be surprised to see that today’s post deals with anorexia.

However, regular readers will probably recall previous posts on this topic and on how the problem of eating disorders in general can be promoted by ridiculous beauty ideals promoted by the media and the fashion and beauty industry in particular (see Dr Eyecandy for more on this topic).

Recently, one fashion designer has been caught promoting particularly ridiculously photoshopped advertisements to promote his ware. A widespread outcry resulted in retraction and apologies, but several other photoshopped images from the same designer remain in use.

As a result, Darryl Roberts, the producer and director of America the Beautiful, an award-winning documentary on fashion-dictated beauty ideals, has called for a boycott on Ralph Lauren that is receiving worldwide attention.

The declared goal is to have at least 10,000 registered fans on a facebook group specifically started to demonstrate the massive support for this call by the end of this week!

I encourage all readers to visit the facebook site and join the call by clicking here: ATB Action Network Boycott of Ralph Lauren

Please make sure you invite your friends to do the same!

Edmonton, Alberta